Sunday, February 1, 2009

There's no fun like snow fun!

After that huge snow storm in the west, it moved east and hit us. Snow is fun when you are a kid because it means no school and all fun. I am not a big fan, but there was one day that the temperature wasn't super cold. So we decided to take the time to get bundled up and actually enjoy the snow. I know they don't look too excited in this picture but, believe me, it was very sad when we had to come back inside.
You have to lay down to do a snow angel Steven. See, look at Madison! What a beautiful angel!

Take that! Umph! Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.
You wouldn't think swinging in the snow would be very fun, but just look at those smiles!
At first Steven didn't want to keep his gloves on, but as soon as he touch the snow he knew why he should wear them and we didn't have any trouble keeping them on after that. We also have a little mini sleigh for Steven that we used to pull him around the yard and Tony chased us with Madison in the wagon. I'm hoping that the weather warms up a little in February so we can spend more time outside. Lately it's been between 5 and 20 degrees! Freezing would actually be nice.