Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello Again!

Facebook or Blogspot? Hmm, that's a tough choice. I really don't have time for both, so I'm afraid both with suffer.
Those of you who know me, know that I am not a long winded person. So, if you have questions or want to know more after reading this post just let me know. :)
I haven't posted anything since February. Yikes! The end of March I went to Oregon to visit my family! It had almost been 2 years since I had seen them; needless to say I was going through major withdrawl! No, that's not true. I think at that point you start to forget how much you miss them. It was my dad's sixtieth birthday and we wanted to get all his kids together for a surprise party. Boy was he surprised! I thought he might have a heartattack. It was wonderful to see everyone! I mentioned to my sister Jodi that I wished there was an inexpensive way to do this once a month; to which she replied, "that's all you need huh?" Well, of course I wish we could see each other every day, but you gotta start somewhere right? The plan is to get together every year for a camping trip.
I'm still working for One Source Equipment Rentals doing accounts payable. I work in a small office of 5 people and it recently got reduced to 4. It's sad that someone had to lose their job, but I am greatful it wasn't me. They were also able to pass along some of the savings and gave me a raise. I am truly blessed!
My calling at church is going better. Or maybe it's my attitude that has improved. I teach the 8-9 year olds and there are 10 in my class. They can be quite a handfull. I have one with Autism, and a couple who I swear have ADHD. They are good kids though, and participate well if I can get them engaged. I love it when they finally say something that tells me they were listening. Like this one boy complains and doesn't want to participate most of the time, but will often answer a question that I ask, so I know he is listening. I like to believe that I am doing some good, and they seem to like me even when I'm strict with them.
Madison is finally showing progress with her letters. She can even spell her name now. I am hopeful she won't be too far behind when she starts kindergarten in the fall. I know that a lot of you already have kids in school, so you know how it feels when your first child reaches that milestone. I am feeling old. I know it's silly, but I will be turning 30 in the same month Madison starts school. It's not as though I am dreading it though. I enjoy watching my kids grow and become righteous and courageous little people.
I was about to sign off with out telling you anything about Steven. He is such a little boy! Always into everything, but still wants mommy when he gets hurt. He wants to do (and can most of the time) everything Madison does, but definitely likes being the baby. He makes me laugh several times a day and makes me want to smack him the other times. What would we do without him?
Anyway, that's about it for now. Have I left you wanting or wondering more? Good. :)

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Jodi Simon said...

good to hear from you again. hope to see photos soon! that would be sooner than 3 months from now. :o)